MyOutdesk Real Estate Virtual Professional Services


MyOutDesk is an American-owned business, located in Sacramento, California – and all overseas offices are managed by Americans with experience in international business.

MyOutdesk is a company that offers Real Estate Virtual Professional services to Real Estate agents in the USA and Canada. The founders of the company saw the need for quality VA’s, being in the industry themselves, and realizing that a lot of the essential documentation and transaction coordination they needed done could be handled by a virtual professional, thus giving them more time to focus on making sales, talking to clients, etc…

What MyOutdesk Offers its Clients

MyOutDesk proudly delivers real estate virtual assistant services to dozens of the nation’s top real estate teams.

Mortgage & loan officers rely on MyOutDesk virtual assistants for documentation gathering, pre-qual & other crucial tasks.

Real Estate tech companies rely on MyOutDesk for VA staffing solutions for customer onboarding, support & sales.

Guest: Daniel Ramsey
Presenter: Neal Howard