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Featured Company: FooBoo BPO

Guest: Martin Conboy Presenter: Henry Acosta Overview: This episode features Martin Conboy, the Director of FooBoo BPO and also one of the most influential people in the outsourcing industry today. In this segment, we talk about the future of work and how we are currently going through the fourth industrial […]

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Asiatel Outsourcing Holdings Limited

Featured Company: Asiatel Outsourcing

Guest: Jasjit Anand Presenter: Henry Acosta Overview: Our new episode features Jasjit Singh Anand, the Vice President & Head of Business Development over at Asiatel Outsourcing . In this podcast, we talk about their coverage around the world, their specialty in the outsourcing industry and what you have to know […]

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Featured Company: Boldr Impact

Guest: David Sudolsky Presenter: Henry Acosta Overview: David Sudolsky, the founder and CEO of Boldr Impact, joins the podcast all the way from LA to talk about how Boldr is a purpose-driven outsourcing partner to any growing business. What makes them stand out is they way they communicate with their […]

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